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At Mountain View Pediatrics, we use a type of scheduling called Open Access. Open Access scheduling allows for sick children to be see on the same day that you call our office. Please call as early as you can the day you would like your child to be seen. Calling early will allow more scheduling flexibility. Well child check-ups and appointments for chronic health issues, such as asthma or ADHD follow-up appointments, will be scheduled in advance. We will give you a reminder call the day before your scheduled appointment. All children need an appointment to be seen. We strongly discourage families from showing up without an appointment. If your child has an accident or sudden illness during office hours, please call before bringing your child. This allows us to give you first aid instructions on the telephone and to prepare for your visit so your child will receive the best care. There is often paperwork that needs to be completed prior to your visit, so please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointments.



If you can not keep an appointment, please notify us at least 2 hours prior to the appointment. This courtesy on your part makes it possible to give the appointment to another patient who needs to see the doctor. If you do not contact us at least 2 hour prior to the appointment, it will be considered a missed appointment.We track each missed appointment. When an appointment is missed you will receive a letter documenting the missed appointment. If over 2 appointments are missed within a 12 month period, the patient and his or her siblings will be subject to dismissal from the practice.



Our charges are comparable to fees charged in this and neighboring communities by other physicians. PAYMENT IS EXPECTED AT TIME OF SERVICE. For your convenience MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Amex are accepted.  Co-payments, established by contract between you and your insurance company, are expected prior to your child's visit. It is considered insurance fraud for us not to collect your co-payment.



Mountain View Pediatrics honors most major health insurance plans including:






Direct Net



Mamsi/Alliance PPO



NC Health Choice

Premier Health Systems

Primary Physician Care

Provider Select Inc.


State Health Plan


United Health Care


Insurance cards and Medicaid cards should be presented at all visits. Insurance companies vary dramatically in terms of coverage and reimbursement. Ultimately, you are responsible for fees incurred as outlined in your contract with your insurance company. Co-payments are established as part of YOUR contract with YOUR insurance company. As part of OUR contract with your insurance company we are required to collect your co-payment. If your child is uninsured you may be asked to pay for the visit prior to your child being seen.


When you call the practice you will first be greeted by an automated attendant. This feature allows us to handle many more incoming calls at once and keeps you from hearing a busy signal when call volume is high. Please listen to the options given by the automated attendant before making your selection. Our staff is trained to triage calls and help you decide if an appointment is necessary. For many childhood illnesses treatment at home with home remedies is sufficient. Our staff will be able to answer most of your questions or requests without interrupting the doctor, so please relay the information directly to the person answering the phone. If necessary a message will be taken and sent to the doctor. Once reviewed, you will be contacted with a response.



For life-threatening emergencies, dial 911.  


All other non-life-threatening medical emergencies can be evaluated by our after-hours telephone service. These calls should be limited to emergency medical problems and should not be routine medical issues that can be handled the following day. When necessary you can call any of our office numbers and follow the directions on the automated message. We utilize a pediatric nurse answering service that will help you with your emergency. If warranted the nurse is authorized to contact the physician on call or direct you to the emergency room. When calling, be able to give the following information:name, age, weight, and date of birth of your child, name of your child's provider, description of symptoms, including temperature (rectal temperature in children less than 1 year old)name and dosage of any medications, your child's allergies, name and phone number of your pharmacy



Mountain View Pediatrics' policy on forms complete by our office.


Please refer to our Vaccines page for Mountain View Pediatrics' policy on immunizations.

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