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If you child is born at Carolina's Healthcare System Blueridge, he or she will be seen by one of our neonatologist partners in the nursery, then followed up by our providers in the office.  Prior to discharge one of our staff members will come by your room to schedule your baby's follow-up appointment. We will recheck your infant in our office within 24-72 hours after discharge from the hospital.  If your baby is born at another hospital, call our office prior to discharge and we will schedule the necessary follow-up.  It is helpful if you request copies of the infant's Discharge Summary from the pediatrician who sees your baby in the hospital. Bring this Discharge Summary with you to your child's first appointment.  Once again, we like to see the infant within 24-72 hours after discharge.



If you wish to transfer your child from another practice, we request a copy of the child's medical record, prior to scheduling any appointments. Once we have received and reviewed your child's record, and the provider has authorized acceptance of your child into the practice, we recommend scheduling a Well Child Exam for your child.  In certain circumstances, each provider reserves the right to not accept new patients. Be aware that during the busy times of year (Flu season), we may request that you remain with your current doctor as our schedules are typically being filled by our established patients.  If your child has Medicaid, it is important that you contact your case manager and change the primary care provider to Mountain View Pediatrics, prior to your first visit.  Otherwise, you may be responsible for any fees during your child's visit.

Photo of Baby Sleeping
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